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The Good Sleep Clinic has a new home! We are now at The Montefiore Hospital, Hove.  

We specialise in treating insomnia, using evidence-based therapies to help you achieve good quality sleep along with improved health and wellbeing. Our clinic gives you access to medical and psychological expertise in one place, with 1 to 1 treatment sessions available in Kent and East Sussex, or online.

Specialists in long-term sleep problems

Our team brings together medical and psychological expertise on insomnia, enabling us to understand and treat all aspects of your sleep problem.

Evidence-based therapy for insomnia

We offer a range of treatments and interventions which have been proven to be effective, including talking therapies like CBT for Insomnia.

A personalised approach

Your treatment programme will be tailored to your individual needs, with personalised support to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Meet our team

Dr Maja Schaedel

Maja is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in sleep difficulties, and leads the Psychological Therapies Department at an NHS Hospital & Sleep Disorders Centre in East Sussex. With over 15 years experience working in NHS mental health she has significant expertise working with all the factors which influence poor sleep across the lifespan.

Dr Zoe Schaedel

Zoe is an experienced general practitioner and clinical leader, with an in-depth understanding of how poor sleep affects physical and psychological health. Zoe has trained alongside some of the UK's foremost sleep clinicians and is committed to promoting an evidence-based approach to improving sleep.  

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