I began to think that I was doomed to a lifelong condition - A Client Testimonial

Insomnia can be triggered by stress or a traumatic event. Here, one of our clients tells his story in his own words.

The Background

I was referred to Maja by a sleep consultant for chronic insomnia that I had developed after a severe anxiety episode triggered by my wife’s cancer diagnosis.

I went to Maja with a completely open mind but did not know in the slightest what to expect from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I was, at that stage, desperate for help and beginning to think that I was doomed to a lifelong condition having been prescribed sleeping pills by my GP as the only remedy in the hope that I would get over it slowly over time.

Unfortunately, the sleeping tablets were of minimal help, only gaining me a couple of hours at best of undisturbed sleep. I didn’t feel I had time on my hands as I felt my health would deteriorate rapidly if things continued as they were.

How The Good Sleep Clinic Helped Me

Over the course of 5 sessions, Maja helped me understand my sleep problem, recognise some of the triggers and causes, and develop strategies to deal with them. It was not an instant fix, but I was thoroughly surprised and delighted with the results. By the end of the course of treatment, my situation had significantly improved, and I was able to achieve five and a half hours of restful sleep without recourse to tablets and with the prospect of further improvement over time.

I found Maja to be professional and empathetic with a charming and encouraging manner.

I will be forever very grateful to her for all her efforts and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is suffering with sleep related issues.

Nick, East Grinstead, May 2020

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